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January 2012

Census Estimates for Connecticut Cities and Towns, 2006-2010

Through the American Community Survey, the Census provided five-year average estimates on social and economic indicators for the period of 2006-2010 for all cities and towns in the state.

Issue Areas:
Education, Family Economic Security
December 2011

Connecticut Early Care and Education Progress Report, 2011

This third annual progress report on the state's early care and education system finds:

Issue Areas:
Early Care, Education
July 2011

Are Connecticut Schools Meeting the Needs of Hispanic Students?

This report examines statewide and district-level data on the Hispanic-white achievement gap, as measured by scores on the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) for fourth and eighth graders.

Issue Area:
April 2011

Impact of the Appropriations Committee's Proposed FY12-13 Budget on Early Care and Education

The Appropriations Committee's proposed FY 12-13 budget is very similar to the Governor's proposed budget, and as such, it is generally favorable for the early care and education community.

Issue Areas:
Early Care, Education
February 2011

Problems with Connecticut's Education Cost Sharing Grant

The state's Education Cost Sharing (ECS) Grant uses a formula that was originally designed to provide equal educational opportunity by taking into consideration differences in both student need and to

Issue Areas:
Budget and Tax, Education
August 2010

Child Well-Being Data by Town: 2010

This sheet summarizes data for each Connecticut town highlighting areas of child and family well-being, including, including children eligible for free and reduced price meals, unemployment rates,

Issue Areas:
Child Welfare, Early Care, Education, Family Economic Security, Health
July 2010

English Language Learning Students in Connecticut

For the 2007-2008 school year, the Connecticut State Department of Education reported that more than 72,000 students (13%) were dominant in a language other than English.

Issue Area:
June 2010

Teaching Discipline: A Toolkit for Educators on Positive Alternatives to Out-of-School Suspensions

Connecticut's school suspension law, which goes into effect on July 1, 2010, limits the use of out-of-school suspensions as a means of disciplining students.

Issue Areas:
Education, Juvenile Justice
March 2010

Connecticut Takes Promising Steps Towards Enhancing Teacher Training in Classroom Management

Managing classrooms effectively is one of the most challenging tasks teachers face.

Issue Area:
November 2009

School Stability Promotes Educational Opportunity for Connecticut's Children in Foster Care

When a child is removed from his home due to abuse or neglect, everything in that child's life changes. He is separated from his parents, home, and possibly his siblings.

Issue Areas:
Child Welfare, Education