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August 2014

Child and Family Indicator Data by Town

This sheet summarizes data for each Connecticut town, highlighting indicators of child and family well-being and needs for support, including

Issue Areas:
Early Care, Education, Family Economic Security, Health
May 2014

Valuing Our Children: How the Final Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Revisions Impact Connecticut

The final state budget approved by state legislators will result in significant improvements in educational opportunities for Connecticut children from preschool through college.

Issue Areas:
Budget and Tax, Child Welfare, Early Care, Education, Health, Juvenile Justice
April 2014

Choice Watch: Diversity and Access in Connecticut's School Choice Programs

This analysis of enrollment in Connecticut’s school choice programs raises concerns about their relative compliance with established goals of racial and ethnic integration and equal access fo

Issue Area:
January 2014

Raise the Grade: Improving Educational Opportunities for Children in State Care

For youth in the care or custody of the state, school attendance and achievement provide an opportunity to experience normalcy, when other facets of their lives are in disarray.

Issue Areas:
Child Welfare, Education
September 2013

Arresting Development: Student Arrests in Connecticut

This analysis of records from Connecticut schools shows an encouraging reduction in the number of student arrests in our schools.  This reduction in arrest rates was likely due to reforms of s

Issue Areas:
Education, Juvenile Justice
May 2013

Family Well-Being Indicators for Connecticut Cities and Towns: Summary of 2007-2011 American Community Survey Census Data

Through the American Community Survey, the Census provided five-year average estimates on social and economic indicators for the period of 2007-2011 for all cities and towns in the state.

Issue Areas:
Education, Family Economic Security
April 2013

The Impact of the Governor's Proposed Municipal Aid Budget on Education, Towns, and Children

This analysis of the Governor’s education and municipal aid proposal finds that two-thirds of the Governor’s proposed increase in Education Cost Sharing (ECS) aid to high-need school di

Issue Areas:
Budget and Tax, Education
February 2013

The Governor's Proposed Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget: The Impact on Children

This report outlines some of the proposals affecting children contained within Governor Malloy’s proposed budget, as well as their likely impacts – highlighting proposed changes in stat

Issue Areas:
Budget and Tax, Child Welfare, Early Care, Education, Family Economic Security, Health, Juvenile Justice
August 2012

Child Well-Being Data by Town: 2012

This sheet summarizes data for each Connecticut town highlighting areas of child and family well-being, including children under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, unemployment rates, 3rd and 10th

Issue Areas:
Early Care, Education, Family Economic Security, Health
July 2012

Making Sense of the Vertical Scales: An Alternative View of the Connecticut Mastery Test Results

Using an alternate measure of educational progress – vertical scale scores – can present a different picture of change over time in the performance of Connecticut students.

Issue Area: