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April 2019

Race Matters: Protecting Access to Student Data on Race and Ethnicity in Connecticut

Every child in the state deserves a high-quality education that allows them to pursue their dreams and goals.

Issue Areas:
Education, Juvenile Justice
March 2019

Care 4 Kids Primer

Care 4 Kids, the state’s child care subsidy program, provides critical assistance to eligible families who demonstrate the need for care but may struggle to afford to pay for child care.

Issue Area:
Early Care
March 2019

Impact of the Governor's FY 2020-2021 Budget on Children and Families

Connecticut’s long-term fiscal health and economic growth depend on policies that improve equity and support our most vulnerable families and children.

Issue Areas:
Budget and Tax, Child Welfare, Early Care, Education, Family Economic Security, Health, Juvenile Justice
March 2019

Connecticut's Radical New Budget Rules: Locking in Decreased Investment in our State for the Next Decade

Faced with increasingly difficult decisions in crafting the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-19 biennial budget, the Connecticut General Assembly found itself at an impasse.

Issue Area:
Budget and Tax
January 2019

HUSKY Health for Children and Families in Connecticut

This series of fact sheets explains how Connecticut’s HUSKY Health programs benefit a wide range of the state’s residents.

Issue Area:
December 2018

Who I Am, Where I Belong, and Where I'm Going: Promoting Positive Identity Development for Youth in Connecticut Foster Care

For most adolescents, developing their own identity is one of the central aspects of teenage life.

Issue Area:
Child Welfare
October 2018

Declining Health Insurance Coverage and Stagnant Incomes in Connecticut: Latest Data from the American Community Survey

In this report, we analyze the US Census Bureau released 2017 data from the American Community Survey (ACS), the Census Bureau’s most detailed look at income, health insurance, poverty, and o

Issue Areas:
Family Economic Security, Health
September 2018

Data Walks: Community-Engaged Advocacy

Policy research and advocacy groups increasingly recognize the value of authentic engagement and relationship building with the communities for which they advocate.

Issue Area:
August 2018

Early Care and Education Candidate Guide

The Early Care and Education Candidate Guide provides an overview of the state’s current challenges and solutions pertaining to early childhood issues.

Issue Areas:
Early Care, Education
August 2018

The State of Working Connecticut: Wages Stagnant for Working Families

"The State of Working Connecticut" report provides a close look at recent trends in the state’s labor force, jobs, and wages.

Issue Area:
Family Economic Security