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HUSKY Eligibility Manual

The HUSKY Eligibility Manual, updated in September 2018, is designed to serve as a reference for advocates, providers, outreach workers, and community-based organizations who work with families and the HUSKY health insurance program. It provides practical guidance to help workers to assist eligible families with enrolling in HUSKY.

This edition of the manual reviews:

  • Eligibility guidelines for HUSKY A, B, and D (coverage for children, youth, parents, pregnant women, and low-income adults), including common points of confusion and potential barriers to enrollment. It does not address the HUSKY C program (coverage for the aged, blind and disabled).
  • Eligibility rules and tips for special populations, such as newborns, young adults, 19 and 20 year-olds, and immigrants.
  • The applications process and resources available for assistance.
  • How to renew HUSKY coverage each year.
  • HUSKY benefits and services.
  • Access Health CT, the main portal through which applications for HUSKY are processed.

Download the HUSKY Eligibility Manual (updated September 2018)