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Fiscal Policy Center

Our Fiscal Policy Center coordinates our budget and tax policy work and seeks to:

  • Protect and improve investments in child and family opportunity and well-being
  • Build a state revenue system that is sustainable, efficient, and fair
  • Improve transparency and accountability in state tax and budget policies

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  • August 2018

    Candidate Briefing Book - 2018

    The Candidate Briefing Book provides an overview of the challenges the state faces and a roadmap for voters and policymakers to move forward.

  • June 2018

    2018 Legislative Session Review

    During the 2018 legislative session, Connecticut Voices for Children raised a powerful voice at the Capitol, advocating for the research-based policies and best practices that will enable every chi

  • June 2018

    Impact of the Final FY 2019 Budget Adjustments on Children and Families

    In order for Connecticut to spur economic growth, address growing disparities in income, wealth and opportunity, and leverage the untapped potential of many of its children, families, and communiti

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Director of Fiscal Policy and Economic Inclusion
Interim Executive Director
Fiscal Policy Fellow