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Fiscal Policy Center

Our Fiscal Policy Center coordinates our budget and tax policy work and seeks to:

  • Protect and improve investments in child and family opportunity and well-being
  • Build a state revenue system that is sustainable, efficient, and fair
  • Improve transparency and accountability in state tax and budget policies

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  • January 2016

    Mapping Disparities by Race and Place

    Connecticut's racial and municipal segregation inhibits economic mobility, which acts as a detriment to the pursuit of equal opportunity for children and to the state's future workforce and

  • January 2016

    Policy Primer: Reforming Our Property Tax System

    This policy primer – as a follow-up to the State Tax Panel’s recommendations – supports reforms to address Connecticut’s regressive property tax system and municipal fiscal

  • January 2016

    The Children's Budget: Investing in Our Future

    Over the past 25 years, the Children’s Budget shows that the resources Connecticut devotes to young people has fallen to roughly 30 percent of the state’s General Fund from 40 percent i

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