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State Leaders Welcome the Fiscal Policy Center at Connecticut Voices

In October 2012, Connecticut Voices launched the Fiscal Policy Center and state leaders expressed their strong support for our initiative:

“In 2009, when Connecticut faced massive deficits and a budget impasse between the General Assembly and Governor, Connecticut Voices stepped forward with a commonsense concept that helped the parties reach agreement. Ever since, our consensus revenue forecasting law has helped to turn what could be a contentious part of the budget process into an important joint statement by the executive and legislative branches.”
- Sen. Donald E. Williams, Jr., Connecticut Senate President Pro Tempore

“Connecticut Voices is a thorough source of analysis of Connecticut’s budget and tax policies. As Connecticut and the nation continue to face economic challenges, Connecticut Voices’ contribution to the debate is important for policymakers from all sides.”
- Benjamin Barnes, Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management

“The policy analysts at Connecticut Voices for Children have provided consistently superlative, balanced, objective analyses of Connecticut’s fiscal problems during the past few years. Voices has become the most respected policy shop in the state. The establishment of the Fiscal Policy Center at Connecticut Voices is a much-needed and welcome expansion of its reach.”
- William Cibes, former Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and Chancellor Emeritus of the Connecticut State University System

“Connecticut Voices provides valuable insight into budgetary issues facing the General Assembly. The policy positions taken by Connecticut Voices are based on extensive research and are extremely helpful to us during our budget deliberations.”
- Rep. Pat Widlitz, House Chair of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee

“Connecticut Voices has played a crucial role in making the state’s tax code more progressive and the state’s budget process more efficient. Voices’ work was essential in our successful efforts to restore the estate tax and implement consensus revenue forecasting.”
- Cameron Staples, former House Chair of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee

“Connecticut Voices for Children has long provided quality, reliable research on a range of issues affecting children and families. The launch of a new Fiscal Policy Center at Voices will help provide more good quality research to inform decisions on tax and budget issues in the state.”
- Richard Porth, President and CEO, United Way of Connecticut

“During these difficult economic times, municipal leaders need a place to go to get fair and unbiased tax and budget information. Congratulations to Connecticut Voices for creating the Fiscal Policy Center as a place where elected officials can go for important information needed to make good policy decisions.”
- Mary Glassman, Past President, Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and First Selectman, Town of Simsbury