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Higher Education

What the Data Show: Declining Support for Higher Ed

Higher Education includes the University of Connecticut, Office of Higher Education, and Board of Regents, which encompasses community colleges and the Connecticut State University System. Higher ed spending fell substantially in the early 1990s and since then, has declined further as a share of the General Fund.

What the Data Mean

Check out Connecticut Voices' first publication on the shift away from children's programs to learn more about the impact of declining state support on higher education (and tuition in particular). Also be sure to use the drop-down menus below the graph to explore the impact of these trends on different programs within higher education.


  • In FY 2012, all funding for Charter Oak State College, Community Colleges, and the Connecticut State University System moved under the Board of Regents, an umbrella organization created to oversee state higher education institutions other than the University of Connecticut.