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Early Care and Education

What the Data Show: ECE Spending Up

Early Care and Education (ECE) includes spending in the Office of Early Childhood as well as programs such as TANF/CCDGB Child Care Services that aim to help families with young children build a strong educational foundation for their future. Early care and education spending has increased substantially over the past few years, after years of diminished spending.

State spending in ECE is difficult to track in the 1990s and earlier, unfortunately: before welfare reform took effect in the late 1990s, ECE spending was spread across multiple departments and line items and often wasn't differentiated from other spending areas within a reported line item. In order to ensure the accuracy of historical comparisons, we have just reported early care and education spending starting in FY 2000.

What the Data Mean


  • The Office of Early Childhood was created in 2014 and consolidated funding streams for early care and education across several departments.