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Tracking the "Children's Budget"


Budgets are statements of public values in number form. Each year, our elected leaders engage in a deliberative process to distribute public funds in a way that reflects our values and priorities for the future.

As our “Children’s Budget” reports have shown, state budgets have reflected a large shift in Connecticut’s focus away from young people. Two decades ago, nearly 40 percent of the budget went to young people. Today, only 29.5 percent goes to the young, threatening the longstanding exchange among generations, whereby each generation invests in its children with the expectation that those children will prosper and take care of it in old age.

Diminished investment in the education and health of today’s children puts tomorrow’s prosperity at risk.

Using the "Children's Budget"

Connecticut Voices identified the “Children’s Budget” to call attention to and begin reversing this trend. We track this Budget every year and advocate for increases in public investment in young people.

This website allows you to see for yourself how well our state has done by our young people: it presents a record of state spending on young people from fiscal year (FY) 1985 to FY 2017. We report official appropriations data from the non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis and allow you to chart them over time.

We welcome your input in correcting errors and making improvements--we want this tool to grow and improve. As you'll see, the trends are troubling - with Connecticut´s priorities moving away from creating opportunity for children..

To view the analysis below in more detail, visit our Tableau page.

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