April 16, 2018

Happy Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day!

Connecticut Voices for Children believes that tax day offers a chance for us to reflect on the “why” and “what” of taxes. Simply put, democratic societies cannot function without fair, transparent, and adequate tax systems. By paying taxes, we contribute to our community, state, and nation, and it’s thanks to our taxes that our government can work for us. Tax day offers us the chance to celebrate some of the ways our taxes contribute to the high quality of life in Connecticut:

Even as we celebrate what our taxes support, we can also pause this tax day to reflect upon how we can improve the tax system and address the significant disparities in our state. Our tax system works best when everyone pays their fair share. The new federal tax law gives massive breaks to special interests, with the wealthy receiving the lion’s share of the tax cut in almost every state. In Connecticut, the majority of the tax cut will go to those with incomes above $250,000. Cuts like this have consequences, with the new federal changes creating a projected deficit of more than one trillion dollars, giving rise to calls for cuts to some of the very programs and services we value most: like health care and clean air and water.

On this tax day, take pride in doing your part. Remember that we can act at the state level to create stronger, fairer economies and cleaner tax codes, with the goal of having more dollars to spend on the public services that ensure meaningful opportunity for all of our residents. #ProudToPay #TaxDay

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