April 11, 2018

Bond Lock News Update

Connecticut Voices for Children would like to express our deep appreciation of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee, which approved a bill on Thursday that would partially delay implementation of the “Bond Lock.” The bill would also initiate a study of how the Bond Lock might affect Connecticut’s economy.  

The Bond Lock stipulates that whenever Connecticut issues a bond for a two-year period beginning in May, it must vow not to alter three new spending restrictions included in the bipartisan budget passed in October. Notably, none of these restrictions had public hearings to fine-tune the language and mechanisms. This covenant limits the state’s ability to address both existing and unanticipated challenges and threatens state investments necessary to build thriving communities. Because bonds are considered contracts, Connecticut will be legally bound to maintain these spending and revenue restraints despite what future Governors or legislatures find to be in the best interests of the state.

We applaud the bill for delaying the implementation of the covenant for two of the three caps, - the spending cap and the bond cap - and requiring a study of their potential impact. Further action will be needed to amend the bill and build legislative support for passage. We will send additional information once it becomes available.

Delay or repeal of the bond lock remains Voices’ top priority this session.

Issue Area:
Budget and Tax
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