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What Others Are Saying About Connecticut Voices

These comments about Connecticut Voices for Children were gathered anonymously by an independent interviewer.

[Connecticut Voices for Children] has worked very hard to maintain a reputation for independent and high quality research that they could stand behind. While everyone knows that Voices is an advocate on behalf of kids and families, I think most people would also say that their work is of the highest quality, carefully done to maintain its integrity as a place people from all points on the political spectrum could look to.
-  Statewide nonprofit director

We call on them for help. We couldn’t do our work nearly as well without them because we don’t have the time or resources to understand the data sources or do the analysis.
-  Coalition director

I was initially surprised at the high level of quality research, but I’m not surprised anymore. I just expect it. Voices has been an outside resource for turning state government data into information, and making it accessible.
-  Legislative professional

They didn’t just do their research and put it on a shelf. They used their data to effect change, and by taking policies in a good direction, they set the groundwork for that change.
- Statewide child welfare professional

I rely on them for the kind of information that is absolutely critical for making good fiscal decisions. We are in a time of financial stress. Voices looks at what we have to spend, and gives us the best way to spend it. It is simply in business to help the state do the best it can with what it’s got. I expect information from them to be as important as it is, and I’m never disappointed.
- State legislator

What’s unique about Voices is the way they approach issues: they’re very geared to problem solving without finger-pointing. They’re positioned to provide resources that help decision makers, communities and stakeholders make better choices for children.
- Statewide advocate

Their annual budget presentation is an awesome landmark activity, and has substantively changed the way Connecticut thinks about its financial commitment to kids -- absolutely no question!
- Senior state official

[Connecticut Voices] became the go-to source for media: TV, the morning radio, the one-page briefing memo. Again, all academically done, so if you wanted to look up more, you could. And they hit the conscience of the legislators.
– State legislator

When Voices talks about the impact of putting a co-pay on peoples’ premiums and how that impacts health care decisions, they have the facts and the details to back it up. It is probably the preeminent think tank in Connecticut for health care issues.
- Statewide association professional

Voices doesn’t take only one perspective. They look at a policy to see how it benefits the state of Connecticut. It’s not about the party affiliation; it’s not about who’s in power. It’s about what’s going to provide the families with the support they need, and how do we deliver it to them in the best way possible.
- State legislator